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New app issues


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I downloaded the new app when it came out. I've been having problems with it.

It will not update itself. The caches I found before I downloaded it show as finds, which I have in Not Showing mode, however, every cache I found since still show as not found. Nothing I do will make Found caches show as Found, or disappear as I have that option selected.

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The new app is okay, but I don't like that I can't create geocaching lists in the app... I don't want to have to create the list at geocaching.com and then download it to the new app... That created more work when we are in the field... I love the old app that I paid $10 for and don't understand why that is being phased out...

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I have a problem with the new app. If I make a list with mystery caches that have all been solved, the first one that is in the list it does say "solved" and I can get to it, but the rest go back to "mystery" I I have no way to access them. Anyone having this problem. It is very, very frustrating.

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In the iPhone version of the new app, the icon is showing a badge saying I have a new message. I've read the message, the badge icon on the app icon won't go away. Neither will the one on the envelope in the app. I checked on the website; I have no new messages.


I had to quit the app and restart to clear the badge.

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