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Trail Maintenance


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It is a great time to be out on the trails. Yesterday we were hiking the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania and saw a considerable amount of damage. This past winter has left most trails in the Northeast in need of maintenance. I would like to urge all trail using geocachers to volunteer for maintenance with some local club that performs maintenance. For those in the Delaware Valley (eastern PA and western NJ), if you would like to help with maintenance please check this website DVAMC.


Request geocachers involved with other clubs performing maintenance list their websites.

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The New York/NJ Trail Conference is looking for maintainers. Their last newsletter mentioned they had 60 some openings. Contact their website if you are interested in helping.


I placed my first few caches along the trails I maintained. Those caches are still very special to me, because they bring people to "my" trail; people who probably wouldn't have ventured there otherwise.


It's not a lot of work. You are asked to visit your trail section at least twice a year, clip

overgrowth, control erosion, pick up litter and report major problems to the TC.


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Volunteers of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club do a lot trail maintenance in and around the DC Metro area as well as along the AT. I know they could always use a hand. I just recently signed on as an overseer for a 1.5 mile section of one of our local trails. We took out several bags of trash, repaired a bridge and cleaned out and fixed up several water bars today. Lots of fun - my way of contributing back to the trails!!! icon_smile.gif


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This is a good thread!


There are certainly many such volunteer organizations that do clean ups and we geocachers could simply join them on one or two of their pre-determined days. This may be a bit simpler than organizing an entire day exclusively for geocahers, although the multiple, coordinated CITO efforts are also way exciting (just a bit more work, though)!


In Berks County, Pennsylvania, Blue Marsh Lake has many opportunities, among them:

  • Take Pride in Blue Marsh

  • Trails and Boundary Line

  • Park Improvement

  • Habitat Resource Management

  • Education Programs

  • Volunteer Project Day

more info on the TAKE PRIDE IN BLUE MARSH program:

This program is usually held on the third Saturday in April. Some of the organizations that participate in this event include various chapters of the Family Campers and Recreation Vehicles, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts and Brownies, civic, boating, and conservation organizations. Individuals and families are also encouraged to participate. Projects include park beautification, trail maintenance, litter pickup, tree seedling planting and assembly of picnic tables. Take Pride in Blue Marsh has received awards both on the State and National level.



You must be present to win.


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I've just been appointed Trails Supervisor for Ramapo Mountain State Forest. Because of the added responsibility, I'd like to drop one trail that I maintain; specifically the Cannonball Trail north of Skyline Drive.


I don't want to leave the area without a maintainer, so I thought I'd ask here if anybody is interested taking over for me. It's the area where my Matapin Rock, Cannonball II and the NY/NJ Metro Area Picnic caches are hidden.


Of course you have to be a NY/NJ Trail Conference member, which costs about $25 a year.

The membership also brings you a 10% discount at Campmor, Ramsey Outdoor and a number of other retailers. I pay for my membership several times over each year with the discount.


Being a maintainer is not a major committment. You simply have to visit your section at least twice a year. You clip overgrowth, refresh blazes if necessary, remove litter, do some erosion control and report major

problems to your supervisor (I guess that's me now).It's also great fun for families. Training is available, if you desire.


If you are interested in taking over this section of trail, please contact me.


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If you don't want to commit to maintaining a trail section or want to learn more about trail maintenance, go out with one of the local trail crews. Also, you will find that there are local parks with trails not maintained by any of the trail umbrella groups, that would be all to happy to have volunteer trail maintainers. My wife and I knew of a pretty local park, Muscoot Farm in Westchester County, with a nice trail system that badly needed work. We approached the park supervisor, and before we knew it, we were maintaining all the trails in our favorite local park.

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If the NY/NJ Trail conference covers the new trailm system that will exist in Overpeck park in bewrgen county (once its fully built that is) then I think I will gladly volunterr to cover a section of it. they just did the groundbreaking on the NW section, 46 acres which has been virtually untouched for 30 years. I was there today & helped cart out 3 refridgerators, circa 1960's. there was also a 1940's pickup truck back there too which they supposedly will leave for "historic reasons".





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