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Send when Service Available

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This morning I tried to log a mystery cache. Found. Type log. Submit. Congrats! Now you have X finds! Go find another!!


Get to work to look and nothing. Nope. No log.


I click the 3 dots and see "pending logs". You cannot see it. Shows you have 1 pending. Said something like 'You currently do not have service. Logs will upload automatically once you have service."


Um -- wifi only? That's BS. Nope. Get home. Wifi. Nothing. App is otherwise working fine. Log out and in and guess what -- pending log is GONE. Apparently sign-out = delete (that's bad!). So I click and log it again and no issues in wifi.


But wifi doesn't exist everywhere. And why didn't it send? And why wouldn't it use cell?


Checked -- yes -- cell data enabled on app in general iPhone settings.


Clueless but that alone makes me not want to use it over other things. Lack of trust upfront.

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