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Who is the new app targeted at?

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I've used the new app once, and I'm wondering who this new app is targeted at age-wise. I found the icons a bit small and the navigation had changed.


I realize that smartphones are really targeted at younger people, but these days, they are used by anyone who is willing to learn and pay for them.


I'm wondering if you beta-tested the new app with all ages. Just curious.



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The fonts are small on my Galaxy S7 and that's considered a large screen, particularly the distance to go which is so small it's effectively hidden. I'd hate to imagine what it's like to use on an older iPhone (or the new 4" screen one).


It seems it's aimed at those who don't realise there are better options out there. I've never liked/got the hang of C:geo but if they ever turn off Geocaching Classic that's what I'll be using.

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