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Caches placed during July and August 2000

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Is there an easy, or difficult, way to list all caches placed during July and August of 2000? I have tried repeatly on pocket query without any luck. Thank you.


I have a PQ for all of 2000, and it seems to work. (it gives me 111 caches for 2000)


I think the main thing is you have to select an "Origin", or "Within" a region. I selected "Within", "States and Provinces" and then highlighted every state/province in the list.. (Select the top one in the list (Abruzzo), then Press and Hold the [shift] Key, then hold the "Page Down" key until you reach the end of the list (Zuid-Holland). Release both keys and everything should be blue)


Leave the "Origin" as "None" and put in the date range you want in the "Placed During" fields...



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My database only shows 11 caches left for July and August 2000..


Code Waypoint Name Placed

GC18 Tarryall 7/2/2000

GC40 Geocache 7/7/2000

GC35 Power Island 7/16/2000

GC20 Marooned 7/17/2000

GC19 Geocache 7/20/2000

GC17 Geocache 7/21/0 7/21/2000

GC23 Geocache 7/21/2000


GC4D Match Stash 8/11/2000

GC21 Lake Lanier 8/16/2000

GC36 Geocache 612 8/21/2000

GC3B Potters Pond 8/27/2000

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