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Oddity that benchmarkers may appreciate

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I don't know if my friends here have been seeing the flooding we are getting in Louisiana since Tuesday evening. In my town, we got aver 23 inches in a few days times. It has flooded many homes and washed out more than a few bridges. Anyhow, what is odd, is we got so much water, so fast, that it made our river flow backwards. Here is a newspaper article on it, with quotes from the Corp of Engineers.



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Wow. That is bizarre.


I hope the property of you and yours is safe.


Take care,


Yes TillaMurphs, I am fortunate, but some of my fellow denizens and neighbors aren't. This pic is just a mile north of my business, off of the same road. The white you are seeing is the top of a minivan.




This was Interstate 20 Wednesday, west of us. Funny thing is, I was just on that same stretch of road less than 24 hours previously when the rain was just starting.




We have lost several bridges due to this. I'll check later to see if any of them had benchmarks that may be lost due to repair/replacement.

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