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Release Notes (Geocaching Intro is now Geocaching® app) March 9, 2016

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Just to clarify, my comment about being able to log into the browser referred to submitting logs and changing the Found date. These actions would require cell reception whether using the browser or the app.
The apps I've used have allowed me to enter field notes. If I have a data connection, then the field note is uploaded immediately. If not, then the field note is saved and uploaded when I do have a data connection. Either way, I use the field notes (which are really shorthand notes to myself) to submit a real log later, when I have access to a real keyboard.


For me, the inability to upload field notes is a non-starter. The free app won't let me submit field notes, so I'll use it just to test it, but I won't use it for real geocaching.

Yep, Field Notes is one of my favorite features about using my GPSr.


The current iteration of the Geocaching app (free app) doesn't allow for "field notes" or "save for later" logging, so logging with that app currently requires cell reception. I'm assuming this will change when the offline functionality is added next week, unless the offline functionality that's added is just about offline lists. Will have to wait and see. Future app updates should allow log dates to be set.

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I had a solved mystery and on the app was able to see the solved coords. I managed to delete those and found that they were also deleted in the cache listing on the website. I also could not then correct the coords on the website. I could put them in but when I clicked 'accept' the old coords were still there. Finally, I added solved coords to the cache in the app and they re-appeared on the website listing.

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I noticed Groundspeak in using the ® symbol after the word Geocaching. What is the Registration number?


From what I understand there was some controversy way back in 2001. Jeremy tried to trademark the word Geocaching and there was some push back from the community.



Yes, I am very concerned about that. There are other geocaching sites out there. Are they going to be slapped with cease and desist letters by Groundspeak lawyers?


I sure would like an answer to this question, and I'm very surprised that it isn't raising more eyebrows. Should I start a separate thread about the new registered trademark, or can it be discussed here?

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I am trying for a few days/times the new app.


I managed to put the map on swiffel, so it turn into the direction of the cache to find.

But every time I touch the map on my iPhone 4S (eg to zoom in/out), the map is going back to the 'fix' position (Nord on top; instead of keeping on the 'swiffel' status. :(


Is this the behaviour as foreseen, or something that will corrected in the near future?


TX for reply

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Finally no more trap app in the store, the Classic app was there just to get people spend 10$ to get an app with just a few more features than the Intro, an old look and no more "real" updates.

Way to go, Intro!


P.S. Even if probably I'll just keep using Cachly on my iPhone. ;)


Team I Ricci. Everyone thought it was unfair to have to purchase a onetime 9.99 for the paid app. But now the "Free" app you cannot see anything above a 1.5 difficulty! Now I suppose now everyone will wish it had stayed the same now everyone is forced into a premium membership.

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Team I Ricci. Everyone thought it was unfair to have to purchase a onetime 9.99 for the paid app. But now the "Free" app you cannot see anything above a 1.5 difficulty! Now I suppose now everyone will wish it had stayed the same now everyone is forced into a premium membership.

And that's the thing, they merged the two into one, so it was highly unlikely the public would get a fully-featured free geocaching app where the only profit is made by the standard premium membership (for all the features that come with it) but nothing from the app itself. This is their way of having the app at least have some sway in bringing in money instead of being entirely a loss leader. I think the non-PM limitations are a little extreme, but imo it's an understandable move.

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I'm getting very frustrated with the whole mess. First they make a hash of the search on the website, now this.


Ever since my existing geocaching app was mysteriously updated and called "Classic", it will not display any maps.


So today I download and install the new one, and the same thing happened. No maps. What's up with that? I tried uninstalling and re-installing the classic version, since that's helped in the past, but no change. Except that my offline lists disappeared.


But still no maps with either app.

My other apps, such as CDroid and WeatherBug, that use maps, have the maps. So it's not my phone.


So how do I get the maps to show up again?


And why did my offline lists disappear with the "classic" update?


I wish you coder types would just leave well enough alone. :(

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I tried the free app for the first time on the weekend and have to say i was fairly happy with it. The cache page has all the essential info on it, it's relatively easy to navigate and i was able to log trackables in the field, something that in the past meant pulling up the cache page in the browser and struggling along with that.


I won't be saying goodbye to the classic app yet as i still need offline caching but i think the 2 can happily coexist on my caching machine.

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An update to the Android version of the free Geocaching app, which includes offline lists, is currently rolling out in the Google Play store. Some Android users should already be seeing the update. The update should be available to all Android users by tomorrow.


Unfortunately, while we have submitted to Apple the iPhone update that includes offline lists, it is currently held up awaiting Apple approval and won't be released today. We'll update you as soon as we know that the update has been approved.

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