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Making cache items

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Hi All


I am new to geocaching, and have yet to do any actual geocaching!

I work with adults with learning disabilities and are about to start on a geocaching group.

Part of my 'bad weather plan' is to make things to add to caches that we find.

But.... I am a bit unsure of what kinds of things we could make!

Does anyone have any ideas?


I have found this https://geoswag.wordpress.com/page/7/

which looks ace, but a bit beyond most of the people I will be working with.

I had thought - key rings and down pencils but that is as far as I have got!


Cheers in advance



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The thread you found gives general idea of what could be made. Due to conditions in typical Geocaches, the items tend to be small, waterproof, and durable.


Here's another with tons of photos:

My link


Without knowing what materials are to be used, it's tough to guess. If you have a lot of blank "wooden nickels" and Sharpies or paint pens, people can add text and drawings. Small painted stones might be good. But most any small handmade items that the maker thinks are pretty cool should be fine. :anicute:


If the items are paper or cardboard or other non-waterproof material, consider placing them in individual little ziplock bags. And include a little info card about the item and who made it.

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