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I want to download the geocaching app to my I phone. My friends tell me that it is a one off payment which last for ever more. Is this true? When I try to download it is states that it is £7.99 for a period of three months. Am I looking at the wrong App?


Run Around


The "three months" is an option for Premium Membership, not for the Paid App.


3.5. What’s the Difference Between the Free and Paid Apps, and the Free and Paid Membership?



Your ability to view and find geocaches on the free Geocaching app will vary by which app you have and your membership status


We have two types of Geocaching apps: the Geocaching Intro app (free), and the Geocaching app (paid)


We have two types of membership: the Basic membership (free), and the Premium membership (paid)


3.3. Get the Geocaching iPhone Application





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You may want to download the Geocaching Intro App, which is a free download. As a 'Premium Member', you will have access to a lot of features with that Intro app. The Paid app will no longer be developed, so it may not be a fulfilling purchase over time.


If you decide to buy the Geocaching Paid App, then it is a one-time payment for your AppleID. There is no time limit on the app purchase. The time limits you're seeing are for Premium Membership, which is unrelated to purchasing the apps. However, the features you can access in the apps will be different depending on whether you are a Premium Member or not.

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