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Pup Patrol

Leap Day 2016 special for intro apps

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From today's GS newsletter:


For this one special weekend only, all geocache types in the Geocaching Intro app (including all terrain and difficulty ratings) — usually available only to Premium members — will be available to everyone for free.


For all the details, see this blog post:





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Most of our few remaining caches we've kept because of their D/T rating (keeping 'em from the free muggle app), rather than making 'em pmo.

Most we've lost and replaced were ammo cans to folks thinking they're supposed to take the container with 'em , and a post is in the forums now asking just that.

- Luckily Pup Patrol provided links (and said) otherwise. :)


Hopefully, "this one special weekend only" doesn't create too many issues...

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