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Account inactive / validation code?

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A few members on one of the Dutch geocaching forums are reporting unexpected problems concerning their geocaching accounts: their accounts have been set to "inactive" and they are asked for a validation code to log in to the site or log a cache as found.

Does anyone know of a site problem causing this behavior?

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Uhh, no....

An API access token has nothing to do with their account being flagged as inactive. It's much more likely that recent email issues with some Dutch email providers have caused these accounts to be flagged as inactive due to email sending failures.


I agree, the API access token probably has nothing to do with it. One does not need that, to log a cache as found. Yet another two cachers are reporting problems: they are getting a message that they have to confirm their membership by sending a confirmation mail from their accounts.


Maybe their accounts are set to the validating status, because of the mail problems?

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on a dutch geocaching forum more users are having this problem (link to dutch forum http://forum.geocaching.nl/index.php?showtopic=22648)


also on the dutch facebook groups there are some reports about this since today.


Has this something to do with the emails that aren't being send to some dutch providers and now geo.com treats these users as unvalidated?


This is the topic for the email issue for some dutch providers (planet.nl telfort.nl and some more)


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