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Looking for California Geocoin


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Hello to all geocoin experts,


since weeks, oder better month, i search through the web and a lot of (worldwide) geocoinshops for a current California Geocoin, but i don't find one.


Anyone here who can help me?


I know that there are the USA-Traveltag, the USA-Microcoin and a kind of postage stamp like USA-Geocoin, but this is not what i am looking for.


Can't believe a U. S. States Geocoin-Series obviously does not exist..


Maybe Groundspeak can make something in this direction?

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GeocoinGuy, thank you for our offer, it is much appreciated, but i am looking for a fresh coin, maybe one from 2015 would be great.

2006 was 10 years ago...


My coin addict partner and I live in California and have not heard of ANY coin that is dedicated to California that is 'newer'.


If someone posts here that they know of one, we want to buy or trade one too ... :)

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Made a first simple sample how the coin could look like (I am not a designer, so please don't blame me *g*):




The color is, who guess it...? International Orange from the Golden Gate Bridge. Trackingcode starts with CA.


On the first side is the Golden Gate Bridge. The picture is only a kind of place holder with one of my private pictures from the bridge. Maybe someone can draw a nice version? The other side shows the map of california included with the Bear Flag.


This is how i could imagine such a coin.


Please note: This is just an example, it is not my will to realize this coin.

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I'm not from California, nor am I an expert.

But I don't get your message here, capsai.


You don't want a 10 year old coin, I understand that.


But parts of your suggested coin design I have seen before:




(bear and outline of california - coin from 2007)




(Drawing of Golden Gate Bridge - coin from 2005)


Do you really want to copy ideas that are 10 years old? Does not look like "a fresh coin" to me at all. Would it sell?


It rather looks like you give a reason why people didn't make newer coins about California: because there is not much more to experience than one bridge and a bear walking across a map. :ph34r:


Please, please, disprove that.


And here some more recent stuff I found about California (according to the coin title):


(2012) www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=4218814


(2015) http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=55333868-97b8-46a8-a805-845b74fb5559


and there is a "Lassen County California Geocoin 2015", but I couldn't find any good pictures of it.

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Yes, they are a lot of California related coins (as you linked here), but i don't find them online in shops.


Thats why i thought they are out of stock, and the only way to get one is to make a new one?


I have no problem with buying a few year old coin, but only, when there is no specific year minted on it. The coin should be year-neutral, if you know what i mean.

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Thank you, i will frequently check up the will-known shops and auction houses.


I still like the idea of a complete US-States coin series. Would be a great souvenir for all geocacher who found caches in that specific state, like the 100, 200, etc. finds coins.


But to be honest, we here in Germany, we also don't have a series of coins from all of our 16 states. If there exist coins from a state, then it was created by private initiatives.


The costs and the risk of creating own coins in a larger series is quite daunting to me.

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