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Not receiving emails from geocaching


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@lackeyluke thank you for the update. i have looked again and can find nothing in any of my junk files or anywhere else. @geocaching.com is white listed etc.


i did receive a notification yesterday and two today...so maybe things are working. i will investigate further and then contact gci. hopefully everything has worked itself out.


thanks again for looking into this.

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Yes, as of yesterday afternoon, it looks like Videotron started accepting our mail again. Good deal.


akgh519, we haven't had any issues delivering mail for @gci.net users. Their servers have accepted everything we've sent and once a message is received, we don't have any visibility into where it goes. So, that means it's likely either in your SPAM folder or they are quietly filtering it. I'd recommend contacting your email administrator to see if they can find out where they're going.



It looks like your address is an @ericsson.com address. Much like @gci.net, messages we send to that domain are being accepted by your mail server. If they aren't showing up in your Inbox, they'll likely be in your SPAM folder or they've been filtered. I'd also recommend talking to your email administrator if you can't find them.


Dear Lackey,

problem looks fixed, I'm receiving mails again.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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