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Treasure hunting in Montreal!

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Hello, friends!

Couchsurfing woke up a new hobby on me, making treasure hunts!!

No every now and then I create treasure hunts for special friends, They are a lot of fun and I get very creative :D


I want to do a treasure hunting game for a special friends that lives in Montreal! but I live in Spain so it is going to be a bit hard! but I´ll do it! I have designed all the clues and ideas, I just need to meet a cool person from Montreal looking foward to help :)


If somebody would like to help me I will be very very grateful!!! I´ll send the person a packet with the clues and we will talk about where to hide them!

And of course if somebody helps me I will love to give them somehting in exchange! may be a caricature, a present... or a place to sleep in Malaga ;)


I hope to hear back from and adventureous Canadian!!


if so, write me to: pabloneotenico@hotmail.com to chat :D

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