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Rino Owners in NJ area


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Any Rino owners in northern NJ on this board? I'd had one on order for a while and received mine back in early December (when they first shipped), but I only bought one and haven't yet come across another owner so I could test out the "contact" and "send locations" functions.


Having the GPS combined with FRS and GMRS in one package is very handy (so I only need to bring one set of spare batteries), but I haven't convinced any of my climbing partners to spring for one so I can use some of the cooler features. This is my first GPS receiver but I've been very happy with the performance and features.


Anyone else in the area have one of these things?

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Personally, I've been *very* happy with it. The only suggestion for a change I'd make to Garmin is to allow a setting to automatically turn off the radio by default (now - after powering it on - I just turn off the radio to improve battery life).


Great product - it's my first GPS but it seems to have everything I could possibly want. It's been very sturdy (taking a beating even in the 6 weeks I've had it) but would definitely be most useful with other Rino's to communicate with.


As to limits - I don't know how many "contacts" you can concurrently communicate with, but it supports up to 500 Waypoints - so I'd expect you'd be able to manage a good number of concurrent contacts without a problem.


I've only read good things about them - and would score myself as a "delighted" owner. Hope the feedback's helpful (and no, I don't work for Garmin!).


- Hart

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Hey thanks,


I am a Magellan man at this point. But I am also a gadget whore. I hold no company in higest regards if a competitor puts out a better gadget. LOL. Thanks for the heads up on the Rhino I will have to check one out. It will be a while before I can prove to the wifey why I need another GPS, but I will keep the Rhino in there as a thought seed.


Thanks again


The Important Things Are Always Simple and The Simple Things Are Always Hard.

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Originally posted by WVAK47:

how many units can it link at once?


garmin page says you can store/manage 50 contacts and retrace the path of 20 contacts. I'm not sure how many contacts you can be tracking at once, but I think each contact is treated as a waypoint, so maybe you can track all 50 if they are all within FRS range?

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The U.S. version of the Rino comes with the GMRS disabled by default (it's a few menu selections if you want to enable it). Since I already had some older FRS radios I used (and don't have a GMRS license) - I don't have GMRS enabled on the Rino at all.


My understanding is that the Canadian version ships with GMRS permanently disabled.


Regardless - the "send location" feature (and tracking of contacts, etc...) only works in FRS mode (and can only be updated once in a 10 second period as per FCC regs!). So it's really a GPS/FRS combination with the GMRS there if you want for the future.


Other folks have done a better job than me at describing the pros/cons....check out:






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Definitely neat to have all that in one GPS/radio unit. But I can do that with my ham radio too.


I just hook my GPS III+ to my Kenwood TH-D7G and if other hams were geocachers it would provide the same capability. Problem is only a few around here are geocachers too. We both have the same problem, no one else on our systems.


I am sure in time you will encounter more users but I am keeping my ham gear.

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