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NJ, Monmouth County, Allaire State Park - CRIME SCENE???

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I was about to attempt 2 caches in the Northwestern section of Allaire State Park (GC32D8 - "Other Side #2", GC3677 - "Just 4 Fun"). I got about 200 yards up the trail from Allaire Road and noticed some yellow "Crime Scene Tape" lying on the ground. I figured someone was trying to funny and planned to remove the litter on my way out later. I continued along and found the intersection of 2 trails. These were both roped off with the same crime scene tape. At this point I decided to leave the area. I asked the young lady at the park entrance about it. She had no clue.(literally). I scanned the local newspapers to see if any crimes had been committed in the area and found nothing. Anyone know anything about this???

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Since nobody seems to know anything about this, my only hope in learning anything is to recheck the Asbury Park Press again on Wednesday(thats typically when they update their police blotter listing), and then go back again this weekend and give it another try.

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Originally posted by BassoonPilot:

Why don't you just call the park superintendent or local police dept and ask if that part of the park is, for any reason, currently off limits?

I called Allaire State Park this morning. Evidently, the park uses crime scene tape to mark off trails that might be dangerous or difficult to navigate. In this case, there were some large trees knocked down by storms about 10 days ago. They are cutting the offending trees today and the trails should be open by tomorrow.

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