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Ever found a USGS disk with a $50 fine?

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Hi all,


I am in the process of trying to track down the original location of a US Geodetic Survey disk that was found displaced on the ground in a location that is not likely where it was originally monumented. It is dated 191X (can't decipher the "X" for sure but it looks like it is probably either a "9" or a "0").


Something I found interesting was that the fine for destruction was only $50 instead of the typical $250. Has anyone else found a USGS disk with only a $50 fine?

I have found older USGS disks (circa 1898) with a $250 fine so I am wondering if the $50 fine on this later disk might have been a misprint?


Jerry Penry's excellent American Surveyor article mentions the ubiquitous $250 fine but does not say anything about a $50 fine. Here is a link to his article: $250 Fine or Imprisonment for Disturbing This Mark


The displaced disk in question was found by an acquaintance and I am still trying to get good photos. However, the basic disk looks like DT0715 that was found by AZcachemeister . Southpawaz and others. Below is a picture of the DT0715 disk taken by bedstefader skjule:




Just wondered how common the $50 USGS disks were and if the $50 might have been a misprint?



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