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Selling part of my collection


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My geocaching obsession has diminished a bit in the past couple of years, and my geocoin collection is sitting in a closet gathering dust. It's time to let some go to new, better homes where they can be admired, discovered and generally better appreciated. Each coin on the list is in excellent to mint condition. Each but one (see details below) is activated and will be adopted by its new owner. Where indicated, the geocoin will be shipped with the pathtag that accompanied it when new. Shipping for each is $2.50. I want to give this community the first shot before I start listing on the auction site.


Thanks for looking.



Colorado 4X4 green cachekinz TB4WCXY

Colorado 4X4 red cachekinz TB4WCRF

Colorado 4X4 white cachekinz TB4WCJW

Colorado 4X4 yellow cachekinz TB4WCEP



Groundspeak CITO TB36Q4T -- has a proxy that is traveling around

Luna TB56YFJ

NZ Earthquake TB484QG

Symbology TB2ZCF2

Wolfpack TB5DK9V

Year of the Snake TB5NFJ8



Bear Totem TB322DP

Dragonfly Totem TB2YR1A

Moon Totem TB3Q5P4

Marvelous Nature TB4H8Z1

Raven Totem TB2YPZB

Sea Lion Totem TB2YQN0

Sun Totem TB322E2

Nicolaus Copernicus (with pathtag) -- this geocoin has a tracking number duplicating another just like it. The owner of the other one never responded to my e-mails to try to get this problem figured out.

Wildlife Experience TB5MYJE



09-09-09 Multievent TB35EQD

Atomic Fish Porthole (with pathtag) TB64MQH

Earth Day 2010 TB3HEBC

Mimbres TB30AAV

Mimbres 3.0 TB379QD

Mimbres 4.0 TB4N8VN

Pirate Bones TB5Q06F

Technetium's Slide Rule TB4ZVG0

Viking Dragon Shield TB64XNF



10 Years of Geocaching TB3P26X

Area 51 Series: Restricted Area TB4GA2G

Medicine Wheel TB4RC8A

Seven Summits - Mt. Aconcagua TB3CGQC

Seven Summits - Mt. Everest TBNX3P

Seven Summits - Mt. McKinley TBNQKY

The Journey is the Reward (Confucius) TB5QT4V




Groundspeak Lackeys 2012 TB5DD6E

Job 28 - God of Science TB41H4C

Landsharkz Shark Attack TB2E6WN

Triple Dragon TB1BR1B



Cache the Dark Side (with pathtag) TB4R8YY

Hounds and Ravens TB30B78

Nature's Compass TB5CRJT

Winter is Coming TB72M77



Crystal Compass Rose TB32DEZ

Groundspeak Lackeys 2009 TB34JZ6

The Waldgeist is Watching TB5EPRB

2008 Compass Rose TB2BWV0

2013 Compass Rose TB67RNG



50-Year Aztec Calendar TB38M6A

Indian Summer/War Pony (with pathtag) TB5C8K7

Thurus TB3ZF31



Eye of the Dragon (with pathtag) TB6A4VR - has a proxy that is traveling around

For Puzzle Lovers Only TB15G05

Habbakuk TB5B51J



Area 51 Series: UFO TB44AVC

Torc of Cernunnos TB5WZH5


$75 each or $215 for the set

da Vinci - Knights Templar TB388NB

da Vinci - Paris Meridian TB388KQ

da Vinci - Vitruvian Man TB388P4


Mapamundi TB5TAMP and Mapamundi XXL TB5NA3K -- $35 for the small, $85 for the XXL or $115 for the set



Garmin Colorado TB229NY

New World Order (mystery) TB3K5WX


Thanks for looking. Reasonable offers will be considered!

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Price drop!

Please see the updated list through the link in Post #4.


Is the price for the set below it, or individual coins in each section?


Sorry, but I'm not sure I understand your question. I've listed the da Vinci geocoins and the Mapamundi geocoins as sets, but also listed individual prices. Other than those five geocoins, I've listed and priced each geocoin individually. Hope that helps.

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