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Spain Events in March


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Greetings. I am coming to visit in March and would love the opportunity to attend an event or two. I would host an event myself though my schedule is questionable. It would be nice to have options available to me just in case time allows. My schedule is below. If anyone willing to host an event please let me know and I will try to attend if my family allows..


March 20, overnight in Madrid

March 21, overnight in Valencia

March 22, overnight in Valencia

March 23, overnight in Barcelona

March 24, overnight Barcelona

March 25, overnight in San Sebastian

March 26, overnight in Gijon

March 27, overnight in Santiago de Compostela

March 28, overnight near La Coruna

March 29, overnight near La Coruna

March 30, overnight Olivenza

March 31, overnight Olivenza

April 1, overnight Madrid

April 2, overnight Madrid

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Hello bflentje.


I am just now living in Brunete (Madrid) so I am a bit far from the capital.


But it doesn't matter.

I am pretty sure that you will be able to find people willing to host some event in the cities you are visiting here in Spain.

The point is that many geocachers from those locations do not usually visit these forums.


My advice is that you get in contact through email or message with some geocachers from those places.


Maybe on March 20th you will found someone in Madrid who host an event (it is not my case, sorry).

Good luck and welcome to Spain.


Are you planning doing some geocaching besides the events?

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Since you'll be in specific places on specific days, why don't you host it? You know you'll be able to attend, and even if nobody else does at least you'll get a smiley in a new country.


I generally do that when I travel in North America. But I desire on this trip to be strictly an attendee since my schedule will mostly be in flux until about a week out.

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