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VisitUtah Life Elevated Geocaching GeoTour

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I already sent a message direct to VisitUtah, but just wanted to point out something for future geotour placement.


First of all, I really enjoyed the Life Elevated caches I was able to find when I was in Utah last month. It was my third visit to southern Utah, but these caches got me to places I never would have known about. And since that's my favorite part about geocaching, I just wanted to say thanks for that and for all the effort in placing this huge series around the state.


I did run into one wrinkle, though. After visiting the geotour cache at Mill Canyon, I was inspired to publish an earthcache there. When I contacted the Moab BLM, the staff paleontologist there mentioned that she knew that a cache had been placed in the parking lot, but that no one had gotten permission from the BLM prior to doing so.


Hopefully this can be resolved with a phone call to the BLM, but you may want to be more careful in the future to make sure that geotour caches are placed with permission.

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We have gone to great length to obtain all the proper permissions for everyone of our geocache placements. Unfortunately we have run into a few situations where either the person who gave permission did not actually have the authority to do so, or the person who gave the permission did not inform others working or otherwise involved in the location of the geocache placement. We will immediately check up on that Geocache and all of our others in Grand County just to make sure that everything is copacetic. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your time spent caching in Utah. Hopefully you can continue and earn some patches and the geocoin too!

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