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Nano TB geocoin

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I have a question for the more experienced out there. I placed a few of these FTF nano geocoins in a couple of my caches for the FTF crowd as a "reward". All the FTF'ers except for one has logged the geocoin as found/retrieved. I've messaged/emailed the one user to please log the geocoin as found (he/she stated in the log that they retrieved it), as it still is showing up in the cache inventory. This person has not responded needless to say. I guess my question is, is there a way for me to "transfer" or otherwise show that this trackable item is in the position of said person? I'm not seeing if this is an option on the website. I didn't give any of these geocoins a goal, and all I really want if for it NOT to show up in the cache inventory as I don't like the idea of someone coming to the cache specifically to find this item which isn't there! Not everybody reads through the log on the caches they choose to go for. Not sure what else I can do, this person is a 23K+ find cacher, so it's not like I'm dealing with some one who just doesn't know. Help??

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He means "mark as missing" which tells the system to show it as being in an unknown location.


If it were me, I'd note in the "mark as missing" log who has it. There's no way of knowing why he hasn't logged it, so I'd be careful to phrase it as the simple matter of fact it is to make sure it can't be incorrectly read as an accusation.

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