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You Never know what you will find in the woods!!!!!


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Just Clowning Around !

by Team BattleCache

I just have to tell a funny story that happened to me today!!!!!! I was going to this cache to grab the travel bugs and move them south on an upcoming vacation...Got to the area where the park folks had done some work with a bulldozer and was just walking along minding my own bussiness when all of a sudden I came upon a guy and girl in the woods with the girl laying on her back smacking the guy saying get up someones coming!!!!

Needless to say they were wearing nothing but smiles and red faces from embarrassment...The guy stood up and started grabbing for cloths just leaving the girl sitting there. He was in such a hurry that he even tried to put her bra on himself.I don't know how I kept a straight face but I walked on down into the woods and while they were scrambeling for their cloths I proceeded to look for the cache...I wish I could have gotten to the cache without them seeing me because I would have gotten the camera from the cache and taken some pics...Boy wouldn't the cache owner have been in for a surprise then???Any way they got their cloths on and high tailed it out of there and after they were gone I just sat down on a log and had myself a good laugh!!!! It truly was a comedy. The look on the girls face was priceless!!!Her eyes were as big as saucers bugging out and her face just had one of those OH SH*T looks!!!!!!!I was so bumfuzzled and laughing so hard at what I had just saw that I never did make it to the cache!!!!


Just had to share this it is too good of a story to keep!!!You just never know what you'll run into in the woods.....

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I just had a similar experience today, close to the last cache of the day. I saw a couple engaged in an "anatomy" lesson, I quickly realized what was going on, so I treated it like a Bear encounter, I made them aware of my presence and I gave then some time before I closed into the area. I guess they were glad I did not make of an embarrassing situation even more awkward one.

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