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Need help dropping off some TB's

team travel pig
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I've brought a couple of travel bugs (three) with me from Texas on vacation... Well - the rain put paid to any hunting today... And it might rain again tomorrow, and then we leave Wednesday. We're staying in Brooklyn, we'll be in Manhattan tomorrow... Anyone want to adopt some bugs?

Failing that - which is the biggest cache in Central Park? I'll just get them all there tomorrow no matter what.





who's got the pig?

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Transaction completed, I have received the TBs from Team Travel Pig, even if there was almost no signal at 14th street and we have to find each other by cellphones: "I am at the other side of the street, wearing the green jacket - Do you wear a baseball cap? - No, look a little to the right - Yes, here!"

Nice to meet you Team Travel Pig, I'll drop the bugs in local caches this week/weekend.


Czech caching in US.

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