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NGS Benchmark Retrievals by State

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In the past I was downloading benchmarks (BM's) by county, which was very, very time consuming. I finally figured out how to download BM's from the NGS site by State and then import them into GSAK.


1. From the NGS Survey Mark Datasheets site, NGS Datasheet Site, you click on and download your state file from the option, 'Monthly Archives by State:'. (see below image) The file will download as a .txt file.


2. Use the NGS-GPX program to convert the .txt file to a .gpx file.


3. Load the converted .gpx file into the GSAK database. IE. fl.gpx


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Wow. Thanks so much. I can't believe the painful way i have been doing this of cut and pasting into gsak...Thanks thanks thanks!

Your Welcome! I share your pain; but now the pain is gone. This benchmarking site has been pretty good as the regulars like to share information and help others in the pursuit or benchmarks.

Happy Benchmarking 2016!

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Somebody sent me a note after they tried to download and convert from .txt to .gpx the entire State of California's BM database. That's a lot of data, 63,768 benchmarks or 270 MB. The NGS-GPX program stalled after 90% or so in-progress.


Apparently, the programmer says it's a memory processing issue. If you've tried it and experienced the same, there's a work around it. Here's how I made it work being a non-computer programmer guru; Split the size of the .txt file and make it into two or more smaller files. I.e. ca.txt and ca2.txt


1. Open state.txt file using Microsoft Notepad.

2. Highlight bottom half of the data, then right-click and 'cut'.

3. Save and close file.

4. Open new Notepad file, then 'paste' your copied text onto page.

4. Save file with new name, I.e. ca2.txt.


Now you have 2 smaller .txt files to convert to .gpx that the NGS-GPS program can handle more easily.


I hope this helps if you've had this problem. Now you can load each .gpx files, one at a time into GSAK.


There may be another way to do this using DOS or some file splitting program. If someone knows of another way, please share the details.

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