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The GC Code is not something you must find inside the geocache, in order to log a find. (Although it helps when owners include the code on a label, for identification purposes).


The GC Code is used as a unique identifier for reference purposes, both online and in files sent to a handheld GPS.


If you search for caches in the area where you found this cache, by studying the cache map or by searching for a list using a postal code, coordinates, etc., hopefully you can figure out which one you found.

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We don't know if you found it by accident or if you have the coordinates in your GPS. If you have the coordinates, the GC number is in the upper right hand side of the cache description page. You don't need it to log your find. If you found a wild cache, go to geocaching.com. Where it says "Learn Play Community Shop" click on "Play" > "Find a Cache" and type in "Baytown, TX". You'll get over 700 results. To the lower right of the Search button you'll see "Map these results". It'll take a moment to load, then by zooming in on the map you can find the boat ramp. Check descriptions of the caches nearby to see which matches the best with what you found. Check location, size, difficulty, hints, etc. Good luck, and cache on!

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Another approach to identifying caches that you found accidentally...


When this has happened to me, I've been able to note some of the names and dates on the log, and then I've looked up the caches found by those geocachers on those dates. That allowed me to figure out which cache I had found.

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A friend of mine found a cache and we wanted to log it but didn't find the GC code. Where would this code be found?


Where was the cache?

It was found near a boat ramp in Baytown, TX

There are a few boat ramps in Baytown. Could be this cache, but not necessarily.


Try looking at the map of caches in the area to see if you can spot where you were.


If it was a puzzle or multi cache, it may not be in the same spot on the map that you were. In that case, you can still log a find, but you'll need to figure out which cache it was. In that case, it might help looking at the log for the names and dates left by the last few finders, then looking up the caches they found on that date and correlating.

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