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I was wondering if someone could suggest some must find caches for my upcoming visit to Las Vegas.


Also, what is the best way to get to Hoover Dam without a rental car?




Here's a list of MUST DO caches in the Las Vegas Area that I've found. If you have any questions on them, please feel free to email me. Is this your first visit to Vegas? They have a free and paid monorail service between hotels that is quite useful. I don't know how much of an active cacher you are, but if caching is your first priority (like many of us) you can enjoy your time by doing these. Please note, I excluded virtuals since there are many in Vegas and I can't list everyone.


GC27R8Y - clever puzzle and location at final

GC1DJEC - library cache

GC5151Q - great view

GC8F7F -- I think the oldest physical cache along the strip

GC2N7VK - near Atomic Testing Museum

GC2AMJK - near Pinball Hall of Fame

GC3178Z - near Vegas sign + a virtual cache

GC4N9KP - 12 stage Wherigo within walking distance in shopping center

GC4M1R1 - fun multi stage puzzle. Must have QR reader and car since some stages are .5 miles away from each other

GCN2V0 - famous Vegas puzzle

GC1NVKY - inside Clark County Museum + a virtual cache inside


I hope this list helps you since these are my favorite must do caches. I'm sure there's a bunch more you can add to this list.

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