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PAST Masonic Lodges?


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Yesterday I went on a 15 mile hike off post. I finally arrived at one of my intended stops, the New Egypt, NJ Masonic Lodge. At this point I had gone 10 miles in my 15 mile loop. I had intended on adding it as a waymark in the Masonic Temple subcategory. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I found a real estate sign out front. So, my question is, do I still post it, or since it apparently isn't a lodge anymore (even though it still has the square and compasses on it) or is the category only for still active lodges?

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Your first place to look for that kind of information is in the full category description. If you see the category description and it says:


[show additional information]


then click on that link to see the rest of the category description. Due to a funny website bug, you may have to click the category name again to have it show the description.


The officers of each group that manages a category have usually gone through a lot of pains to put enough information into the category description to answer as many of these kinds of questions as possible. Yes, sometimes there are gaps that lead to forum posts and, hopefully, eventual correction of the category description. But I'd suggest that you start there.


In this case, the category description does not answer that question; so you did the best thing you could: you came here to ask! The current officers of the Masonic Temple Group should take notice and update the category description based on your question. Let's see if they do. :D


Just as you'll see experienced geocachers in the forums telling newbies to go and find a bunch of GCs before trying to hide one, the same thing can be said about Waymarks. Visit some waymarks and see how they were written up. If possible (which it ain't always), look for and visit waymarks in categories that you'd be interested in. Pay attention to how the poster did the write up. This could help you when you start posting waymarks.


A lot of posting rejections (called a decline) are caused by folks not reading the category description carefully enough. For example, if it says that you need to provide two different photos from two different angles, that exactly what it means! If you submit such a Waymark for such a category and it has, say, two photographs from the same angle (but one zoomed, for example), then the officers have the right to reject the submission. That's just one example. A careful reading helps stave off rejections. (You've already seen us discussing this with Abandoned Cemeteries, which were not supposed to contain postings for maintained cemeteries; so you know what I mean there.)

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