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eTrek 20x

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thanks. yes it came with a manual but very hard to follow. I have learnt to add some geocaches on to this but it doesn't show all of them that I have loaded.. not sure where they are stored or where to retrieve them.. :(

Also, sometimes the caches won't appear on the map if you are zoomed out too far. If you know the map area of the caches you loaded, then zoom in a bit and maybe they will appear.

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I just got a etrex 20 also , I can't find the compass selection on my menu, do I have a defective program

Neither the eTrex 20 nor the eTrex 20x has an electronic compass. The manual is for both the 20 and 30 series but does not clearly state which features, such as the compass, are on the 30 series only.


They all have a Compass screen, though. Many new users don't realize that there are multiple Menu screens to scroll through, especially when the display option is for showing the large icons. As I recall, the Compass option was several screens down from the initial Menu display.

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i have just received a eTrek 20x for Xmas and wanting tips on how to work it and what are the best settings. TIA

I also have the same Gps and have not been able to download any cache's from my computer even though I'm a premium member and have downloaded everything I can when following the instruction when I try to download, any clues. TIA

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A related question, if I pick a geocache it always shows me a straight line to the cache from where I am. Is it possible to change settings so it follows the paths on the map.

Well I know it should be possible but what is the best way/setting to get this? Using OSM and Freizeitkarte...

Yes, you can, start the menu: Setup > Routing > Guidance Method > On road for distance & Calculate Routes for > Pedestrian, in combination with a routable OSM map you can follow the paths, this guide might help you: eTrex setting


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