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Explain the info about "collectible" Trackables

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There is recurring confusion about when someone gets to keep a Trackable they find in a Geocache. The web site "help Center" needs work, and so does this App. There is text that a Trackable may be added to one's collection and held onto.


Please, clarify this. Remember that TBs specifically are imprinted "Do Not Keep Me". Geocachers buy these things on the premise that people will move them to a new cache, not "hold onto it", not "add it to the collection". This needs to be made clear in the text.


Either add the info about how to move a Trackable to a Collection and provide examples, or delete that text. The videos linked from the App are a little better, telling people not to keep Trackables. That's a better plan.




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ku, I think it's fairly accurate. People do release trackables that are "collectible", and those can be kept.


By people, I mostly mean HQ ;-)


I agree that the odds of finding a collectible item in a cache are so low that removing all reference to it would shorten the text for better comprehension, with little loss of meaning.

And that if you do find one, chances are good that its "collectible" status is an error on the part of a novice trackable owner ;-)

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