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New width for profile information?


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So I noticed since the latest site update that my profile won't display correctly. Before, any oversized graphics resized themselves to fit on the page. Now, they will not, and it causes the scroll bars to appear and cut off text that isn't already displayed in my stats.


I'd like to resize my graphics so that they fir and don't make the mess that is currently displayed. How wide in pixels is the current frame for profile stats?

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What happened to my profile. The code in it includes the same info but it truncated to only one item. Everything else is missing. Why bother having a bio if you can't put what you want in it?

Using Firefox and I see:

- a bar about podcacher

- an animated gif of your 31 Days of August souvenirs

- Earthcache Master info

- some links to media stories

- BadgeGen badges and black belt

- FindStatGen statistics generated on 13 December 2015

- Well Rounded Cacher Challenge stats from mygeocachingprofile


When your profile first loads up I only see the top two, but after a few seconds it all displayed without the vertical scroll bar. Using IE9, the vertical scroll bar doesn't go away. (All the more reason to not use IE.)


edit to add: something in your profile is juuust wider than 750 pixels, triggering the horizontal scroll bar; I bet if you shrank down whatever it is to 750 or less it would fix the display issue.

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