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Signal, the TV star?

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I don't think I was dreaming, but Friday night on House Hunters International (original showing on 10/28), a couple was looking for a house in Christchurch, NZ, and lo and behold, there was Signal on the show! Complete with a travel bug necklace! Did he go to a big event, down under?


I totally saw that! I was casually watching while on the computer. I had to rewind and re-watch like three times to see that it was a Signal and it had the TB. I was so excited. Nobody else in my house was excited as I was. It was a lot like seeing a TB in the wild, only I didn't get to discover it.


So glad you posted about this. It is way more fun to not be alone in being excited.

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Looks like it was Season 86 Episode 4 (although HGTV's site says it's Ep 7)


Episode name: Adjusting to Adventures in New Zealand

Episode summary: Moving from Detroit to Christchurch, New Zealand, is an exciting adventure for this family of four. Exploring a terrain hit hard by earthquakes doesn't exactly make it comfortable, so Vanessa is determined to move into a house that is earthquake-safe. Can Mark convince her that you can't live in fear?


Couldn't find a place to view the episode online. Maybe others will have better luck.

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