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etrex 30x

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Tried an eTrex 20x the other day. Compared to the GPSMAP 64 or Oregon series, the screen refresh / redraw rate is much slower. For some, that's an issue. Probably not the best choice for driving, doing a lot of map scrolling, or loading the unit with a ton of custom maps. For others, such as hikers looking for longer battery life, the slower processor is an advantage.

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a couple, huh? Why for do you need more than one? lol


Here's the thing about asking about user experience on the interwebs. People with complaints are the first and loudest to speak up. You'll find plenty of satisfied customers, but a few bad reviews, whether warranted or not, can often cause hesitation. Go ahead and open at least one of your new packages and start playing.

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I just purchased a couple Etrex 30x Bundle's for $199. The price seemed good. Anyway, I haven't opened them yet. Is anyone using these units?


Any input, good or bad?

We have a couple of Etrex 20s, just like the 30 but with the extra bell and whistle. You got 'em at a great price. They are an excellent GPSr for Geocaching, hiking etc., compact, light weight, long battery life, very sturdy and reasonably waterproof. No worries if you drop it in a puddle get rained upon. Forget about using one to navigate driving a car on your own. You could have a passenger reading out directions though.

We also have bicycle handlebar mounts for ours and they are quite easy to follow when riding.

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