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12th International Math Trade

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(Most of the following text was written by E&Cplus3 in earlier mathtrades and just slightly changed, thank you Chuck!).


Ok, here we go! Sign in this 12th International Mathtrade by sending your info to


mathtrade10@web.de (this is not a mistake, I just want to use this email address, that I've generated before)


I will need your:


- Caching Name

- Real Name

- FULL Mailing Address (including Country!)

- Email Address

- if you don't want me to send your address to all participants, please mention this (up to now I had only sent out the addresses to the participants that are needed, but this took hours without having fun)



I will then send you the Link to the Google spreadsheet in which you can submit your coins! If you don't get an email within 3 days just let me know.


The trade will be divided into four phases:


1. Coin submission - entering your trade offers into the spreadsheet (ends January 2nd)


2. Regroup - reorganize your coin submissions to create groups (ends January 9th or earlier)


3. Want list submission - create your wish lists! (ends February 6th or earlier)


4. Trading! - trade list generated and emailed to you (starts February 8th if all goes well!)


Please respect the following rules:


1. This is an international trade - only take part in it if you are willing to pay for a possible overseas shipment of your coins! Remember that in theory each coin that you trade away may have to be sent to a different destination, within or outside of your own country.


2. You can list both trackable and non-trackable coins. If nothing is mentioned in the Remarks column, the coin will be assumed to be trackable and unactivated. In all other cases the status of the coin needs to be specified in the Remarks column. Activated coins are only allowed if they will be offered up for adoption (with the exception of Lackey and Moun10bike coins, obviously :D).


3. Participants may only submit one coin of any one edition (same coin with same finish/colour/etc) to trade. Duplicates are not allowed.


4. Please make sure you adhere to the deadlines shown above! Any edit after a deadline will be ignored!


5. Please try to keep your list to 50 coins or less!



Keep an eye on this thread - I will use it to post additional information/clarifications whenever needed!


Of course you can also use it to post any questions or remarks.




A More Detailed Explanation:


Q. What is a geocoin math trade? What makes it different from a 'normal' trade?


A. In a ' normal' trade, person A gives coin X to person B and person B give coin Y to person A. Sometimes person A wants a coin that person B has, but has nothing that interests person B to give in return. In that case person A could go looking for a person C to arrange a trade to get a coin from person's B want list. In a math trade you don't have to hunt for a 'person C' -- the software will do this for you! The math trade software will find optimal 'trade chains', some of which may involve just the regular 2 coins, while other 'trade chains' that are part of the same math trade may involve 3, 4, 5 or even more coins.


Q. I feel uncomfortable listing coin offers without knowing what I'll receive in return for them. Why would I do this?


A. You will be the one to decide what you'll get in return. After everyone has listed their coin offers, you can go through the total list of offers and make a want list for every coin you have offered. If you are not interested in trading one of your coins for any of the listed offers, you will simply use an empty want list for it, so that your coin won't be traded at all.


Q. What if someone offers a coin that I REALLY want? Is there a way that I can maybe offer 2 of my coins in exchange for this coveted coin?


A. Yes, there is. After Phase 1 (entering coin offers), we will enter Phase 2 (regrouping). During this phase you have a chance to look closely at the coins that are being offered, and if there are coins you would really want to get, you could try and create a more interesting offer by grouping two or more of your coins into one offer. If you group coin X and Y together, then these will not be traded separately, but as one single unit, for which you can decide (during the want list submission phase) what you want to trade them for.


(Detailed instructions for this regrouping will follow once we hit that phase (but don't worry, it's actually quite simple).


Q. Two or more people have listed one specific coin that I like. But if I include both in my want lists for, say, two of my coins, I risk ending up with 2 copies of the same coin. Is there a way to prevent this?


A. Yes, there is (a more verbose answer will follow at the appropriate time).

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I have three different Lotus Compass coins to trade, but I don't want to list them each separately and use up 3 of my 50 allowed spots. Can I list it as such:


Lotus Compass - your choice of Set, Bast, Duat




Done this way, I'll only be trading one Lotus Compass in this trade. Which one would be determined by the recipient.


Is this ok?

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I agree to what Murazer said. In general it is not a problem at all. You could also list all three because the rules just said, you should TRY to limit your coins to maximum 50.

But if you definetely just want to trade one of these three, it is the best to list just one coin with the addition of "your choice". Just make sure, that the word "set" doesn't lead to misunderstandings.

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I agree to what Murazer said. In general it is not a problem at all. You could also list all three because the rules just said, you should TRY to limit your coins to maximum 50.

But if you definetely just want to trade one of these three, it is the best to list just one coin with the addition of "your choice". Just make sure, that the word "set" doesn't lead to misunderstandings.


Thank you muchly :)

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WE HAVE A NEW RECORD: 1563 coins have been listed, unbelievable!


Oficially the submission phase is closed (if you want to submit more coins let me know as soon as possible).

I copied the submission sheet into the sheet called "USE THIS COIN SHEET", sorted all coins and give them numbers. PLEASE CHECK ALL YOUR COINS!!!!!!" (A lot of people worked with the document and there may be some unwanted errors)


Now the Regroup Phase begins (the Regroup Phase will be open until next Sunday January 9th, 9:00)


What is regrouping about? Again I want to use Chuck's explanations:


... If you are interested in regrouping coins to make an extra special package in the hopes of landing that one must-have coin, then follow the instructions below. When you are satisfied with the way your coins stand, please let me know via email or a post to this thread. Remember, regrouping is optional. If you simply want to trade your coins off one by one as they are now listed, all you need to do is send an email to the address below saying that you are done regrouping. If everyone finishes with the regrouping early, we can move on to the Want List Phase early.


Regrouping Instructions:


The Regroup Phase gives all participants the chance to create sets of two or more of their coins. You can do this to make an offer more attractive to others (and therefore to have a potentially higher chance to get a specifically wanted coin). Remember -- if you decide to group two or more coins together, these will only be traded as a complete set (or not at all).


To regroup your offers or to let me know that you don't do any regrouping, please

- send an email to: mathtrade10@web.de

- send a PN on Facebook to Thomas Weide

- or post here or in the German FB-Coin-Group


containing the line numbers and the coin descriptions of all coins for each coin set you want to create. Also mention your geocaching.com nickname -- just as an extra measure of insurance to keep me from making mistakes.





Let's say I have seen some must-have coins that I, well, must have. Unfortunately, I feel that the coins I am offering -- on their own -- won't seal the deal. So I decide to combine some of my coins into sets. I'll fire off an email with the required info:


Regrouping for E&Cplus3:



ID 160 DNA Geocoin gold

ID 161 DNA Geocoin silver

ID 162 DNA Geocoin copper

ID 165 DNA Geocoin antique silver



ID 177 Tennessee Micro 2008 nickel

ID 178 Tennessee Micro 2008 gold


Please use the ID's as listed on the USE THIS COIN SHEET worksheet in the Mathtrade11 document.

Make sure you only use the numbers in the column titled "REFER TO THIS COLUMN ONLY!"


To make the group coins more visible I will highlight the rows of them with light yellow color. I will also highlight all User Names green when they submitted the regrouping information and blue when they submitted the want list (will start next week)-


Please let me know if you have any questions about this process. You can post your questions here, or email them.

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