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Is there a way to "Ignore" all of a Cache Owner's caches?

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I've researched this question and cannot find an answer, so I ask you folks who are smarter than I am. I know the process of placing an "ignore" filter on caches you don't want to see or download in a PQ, but is there a way to do this for ALL of a particular CO's caches? The reason I ask is because I am becoming increasingly frustrated with one CO in my area who has published hundreds (and I MEAN hundreds) of caches which are exceedingly difficult for me to find, plus other reasons I won't go into. Rather than look at this huge clump of unfound caches on my geocaching map, I would rather delete them from my view. I could, of course, delete them individually, but the process would take hours. Any ideas?

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Also, if the cache owners you're ignoring keep hiding new caches, then those new caches won't be ignored automatically, and you'll need to keep running whatever third-party tool you're using to ignore their caches.


And no, you are not the first to ask for the ability to ignore all of a particular cache owner's listings.

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