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GPS saves the day for Family of 6!!!


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Trauma and I were off in the middle of the deep Pines (Wharton State Forest) off of 206, down a sandy road. When we were trying to get to the cache To Die For by tniegel. We got 1.5ml away from the cache when we realised a car was on the road. We pulled up behind the car thinking they were just out looking and would soon be on there way. WRONG!! A lady and her 3 little kids were stranded as there older model Chevy Suburban wouldnt start back up. Trauma went out and took a look. She then told us her husband and older son went off down the road... which way.. not the easy way out back towards 206.. nope they headed straight towards the middle of the pines. We then took a GPS coords of where they were. Went more down the road and finally got signal on our cell. Trauma called the med-com office, they handle all the 911 calls and gave them the info. We were instructed to go back to Atsion Office right off of 206 about 3 miles north, to wait for the Ranger. We did, meet a real nice lady who let us in the Atsion ranger office the back way. Found some really cool camping gear they sell and very interesting books about the Atsion area they sell. We waited for about 35 minutes no ranger. So I called back the dispatcher and found out with the GPs coords we gave them, the Ranger was able to find the family. We then headed out of Atsion to go back to try and tackle the To Die For cache and about 2 miles from the cache site, we hit the TOW TRUCK head on.. backed up and everyone waved at us from the side of the road. See.. it proves that geo-caching could be of some good to other people who know nothing about the hobby. Just had to share our experience!! Know... do we get a attaboy log??? J/K!! icon_biggrin.gif

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Good job, SC. It's great that you were able to help. I can attest that the lady at Atsion is nice. She was the one that helped me on Easter when I was stuck out there.


So, were you able to log To Die For after all that? Which plot did you select?





Geocaching . . . hiking with a purpose

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Actually Fro, KenDawg told us the correct road to get within 100 ft of the cache. So we didnt see the church or the cemetary. I can how ever tell you that the building you took a picture of was the Nesco fire dept building. The had an electrical fire start there and that station lost everything. But yep we found TO DIE FOr.. now i have to go and log these suckers!!

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Atta boy and girl Sunny! I love saving people. Once we were going down the road and this guys truck had JUST caught fire. My friend in the car with me who lived around the corner said "I have a fire extinguisher!" I drove fast around the corner and while he ran in to get the extinguisher I turned the car around and off we went to the truck fire. My pal jumps out of the car, sprays the fire out, say are you ok? the dumbfounded man sputters uh yeah, my friend says Good, and off we go. Leaving them to wonder who was that masked man? And before you ask, we did drive by again to make sure it stayed out.


Cache you later,



So many caches, so little time.

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