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A buddy and I bought two trackables to try and have them raced across the US. Is there a general wording you can tag and add to the trackable for this kind of thing? Or do you add the goal / description only to the trackable on the website? We are aiming to get them to a specific destination and see who gets theirs there first. Thoughts?

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The best Thing to do is both. Add a Tag to the trackable explaining what is to be done with it, for example if "dipping" is to be allowed. This helps the finder to see if it is going in the right direction and there is nothing more annoying for the finder and the owner to find out that it is going in the wrong direction. A good description of its aim should be put on the Website as well. Have fun with the race. Im taking part in one at the moment and am really enjoying it.

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A new friend I met at a mega event in my home town last year sent me a TB. She had a new one as well, so we both decided to see if each TB can reach each others home town, so a kind of race :D I will see if the one I released can reach USA and her town and hers will see if it can get here. I have one in my geo bag to place somewhere soon that is in a race which came from US. The TBO does know I still have it after a month, as I did ask if I could keep it for a few weeks as there is somewhere I would like to place it when we get there.

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