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A sad day for geocaching

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I was disappointed Pyramid Mt. Roaming cache was archived as well (and hoped it didn't have anything to do with my recent find!).


I was looking forward to reading the logs of future finders - but, alas, I'm sure Mr. Snat has something interesting up his sleeve for the area!


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Geez, I saw the title of this thread and thought maybe somebody died!


Fear not, there is a new cache already in place and awaiting approval. Of course, this one is not a roaming cache, but it's a multi in the same area.


After retreiving the Roaming Cache's anchor, I came up with another idea for a cache in the area. A multi, using the coordinates of several of the more interesting hiding spots that the roaming cache spent time in during its life.


That one will take a while to set up, but in the interim, there is another cache ready to go.


In the meanwhile, would somebody please go find my Terrace Pond cache! It's been up there nearly a year without a find and is getting very lonely!

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