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Spokane History GeoTour

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This is one of the newer GeoTours (launched in August in Spokane, Wash.) If you have the chance, it's a great way to see some neat places, including Bing Crosby's childhood home! There's quite a bit of driving involved if you want to find enough caches to claim the trackable geocoin. But it was totally worth it to us. Wrote a lot more about it in this blog post.

Thank you so much for visiting Spokane and doing our Spokane History GeoTour! I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I hope that you and Mrs RC can visit the Cache Cave geocaching retail store next time!

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I've been slowly working my way to completing this GeoTour. I started by nibbling around the southern and western edges, then one final push to pick up the caches to the north, and those in the downtown area. I have managed to make it to all but four of the caches.


The nice thing about this GeoTour is that over half of the caches are outdoors, in parks. Of those, a number of them require hiking more than a mile. So, lots of outdoor activities. BUFF on the Bluff was a bit of a workout. I didn't make it to Liberty Lake View, but that one also looks fun.


The GeoTour uses code words, making it possible to include an Earthcache and a Virtual in this GeoTour. No Wherigo caches (there are two in Spokane), but there is an Intercache, kind of a web based version of a Wherigo that requires a smartphone. No special software needed. It's a nice walk through the Arboretum.


The people that put this GeoTour together are a dedicated bunch. I did have to post a NM on a cache (a truck ran over it), and got an immediate response. Missing caches have been investigated and replaced quickly.


Thanks, Skye.

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