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Congratulations to True Indigo and rgbism on their Centuries!


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The Creators of the Elementals, the MVPs of the Central Pennsylvania Geocaching Scavenger Hunt, the Sweeties of Centre County caching have gained their Centuries!!


Congrats to you two! You have brought wonderful caches to our region and ushered them in with a loving and delightful spirit!


Congratulations and THANK YOU!!





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Congratulations! And an EXCELLENT choice of caches for #100. I chose "Tricky Trio" for my 400th cache based on a recommendation from CCCooperAgency. I was not disappointed! Found stage three in the dark. Quite memorable.



Next time, instead of getting married, I think I'll just find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.

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icon_biggrin.gif Thanks so much for the kind words. True Indigo and I have enjoyed meeting you and hope that our next 100 cache finds will allow us to meet some more of you.


Since Ravenboy is only home for the rare holiday, we have an extra bedroom for folks that are planning a caching trip to central PA. Let us know.


btw - for those who have asked what RGBisme stands for; Red, Green, Blue is me. I am an art director / graphic artist.


"To make a day perfect,

believe it is."-A.S.

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Thank you to everyone on this forum, in the chat room, via e-mail and in person who have wished us well.


RGBisme and I were about 20 finds apart and we had an exciting goal of both of us reaching 100 on the same weekend.


As a couple who love hiking, biking, thinking and surprises, geocaching has given RGBisme and I a direction to focus our creative energies together. We are glad to meet cachers like you folks to encourage us to continue.



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