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West Virginia Earth Day clean up

Man In The Wild

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Eli and I were talking about putting together a clean-up event for WV on Earth Day along with all the other areas doing the same. This would be a separate event from MikeDX's Get Together--we hope to see a bunch of people at his event. I believe this is different enough and important enough to post as a separate event.


Eli suggested CabWayLinGo as a possible site to clean up. She's also contacting people to see what areas might want our help. We'll also check into getting the T-Shirts and bags from the site. My understanding from the other forum is they'll be at a very low price.


So... What does everyone think? Will we get enough people to make it worthwhile? (I think there's a good chance) Will this take away from MikeDX's Get Together? (I sure hope not!)


Any suggestions/comments are very welcome. Either post here or you can contact me directly though my profile.


Tony (Man In The Wild)

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I see how you are. Just steal my idea and start a new topic. :-) But seriously folks...I would like to know if we have an interest in this or any suggested parks that you know of that could use our expertise at 'Trash-Out'. Let's Make WV Shine! And give Geocachers the credit they deserve, as the GOOD GUYS.


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Hey guys and gals, I will be having more time here in the VERY near future. Please keep me up to date on how this is gonna work and where. I am interested in helping on this one and figure if I drive I can get Roadpirate to come out too.


Still Alive and MUCH BETTER NOW says my doctor. LOL


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I think it's a great idea and I'd be happy to attend. I don't think it would take anything away from out next get together. My only concern is that Cabwaylingo is so far west and how many people could make the drive.


But count me in.

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Eli told me she's waiting for a response from someone that she's hoping can give us a good idea where to do the cleanup. Hopefully she'll get some info soon and share it with us here.


True--Cabwaylingo is pretty far from most of us. I think Eli's looking to find a location closer to most of us, but mostly a place that wants help with cleaning up.


So, does anyone know of a park that really needs cleaning up? I'd volunteer Blair Mountain, but that's not a park. icon_smile.gif (Looks more like a dump.) That reminds me--I gotta get out there for some maintenance.

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icon_frown.gif Well it looks like I may never hear from the DNR as to a good spot for us to clean up on Earth Day. Any suggestions or do you know of a park that could use a good day of cleaning up? We could always do it at Kanawha State Forest, couldn't we mikedx?! icon_wink.gif Time is getting short and I'm sure we would like some T-shirts to wear on that day also. Asking for help here folks! Cache-On.
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Kanawha State Forest will be having their Spring Wildflower Walks on April 26th, from 9:30 to 12:30. Since we're thinking of having our cache event there later, why don't we do the "trash out" there after their event? If you've never participated in the walks, please show up at 9am, register for $5 and take your pick of which walk to take. Under age 16 is only $2. A rep from DNR suggested we contact the Superintendent there about trading a "trash out" for a shelter for our event on May 18th. I think Mikedx will be trying to call KSF tomorrow.


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I bargained us trashing out KSF for shelter considerations. I'm writing them a check to cover the cost of the shelter, and the superintendent told me he'd tear it up when we trashed out.


It doesn't have to be earth day, but please set something up so we can get the free shelter.



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April 26th at Kanawha State Forest. It's official. Eli's making a page for it now. The plan so far is to start the Cache-In Trash-Out event right after their Spring Wildflower Walks at 1pm until everyone drops from exhaustion.


Eli needs to know who wants shirts, so tell her how many shirts you want here.


We hope to see everyone there!

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