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Looking for someone near 78 27.42'

Team Stargazer

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G'day there,

I'm working on the Where's in a Name cache and am looking for someone near the 78 27.42' coords. We both get credit for the find if anyone is near there and willing to help out. I live in Adelaide, South Australia, S35 06.90 E138 31.40 if you happen to need some help with coords down here.


Thanks for your time & help... icon_wink.gif


Regs, Paul.




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Sure wish you would have posted this on the 3rd! I was around those coords all day on Saturday the 4th. I do plan on going back, but it may be a couple of weeks before I get there. If I see that no one else has helped you out, I'll be glad to take a picture at the coords and email it to you.




Drop back 10 and ........trip over the cache.

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