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"Sorry, you have overexceeded your email quota."

Rhodo Dendron
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My suggestion would be to require a captcha-type entry when sending emails after a user has hit their quota. I'm not suggesting that this additional security step be added for every email send, just for sends after reaching the email limitation. Once a user falls out of throttling status, then they'd be able to send emails without the captcha requirement.


My two cents.

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Got this annoying message today, after trying to send the first email today. Yesterday I sent 6 messages, the last one 19 hours ago. This limit seems to be really low and Groudspeak should do something about it. I have been on a trip in the wilderness with no internet and still about a hundred ECs and virtuals to log.

After clearing the cookies, logging out and logging in again, I was able to send a message again though.

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