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Night Caches


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Its Halloween night, my favorite night of the year! I love all the spooky costumes and the scary movies on TV. For months leading up to Halloween I have been talking with my mother and her boyfriend about going after some really spooky night caches. Scary caches seem to be popular in other countries and so I reasoned that it shouldn't be overly hard to find some in the area! Last night we went after Three Little Cemeteries which was a lot of spooky fun. We were unable to get to the second stage but had a lot of fun searching. There is just something that gets the adrenaline pumping when it comes to geocaching at night under a moonless sky. Hiking through the woods in a reportedly "haunted" area with beams of light emitted from a dying flashlight slicing through the darkness, and the sound of nocturnal creatures all around is better than any man made haunted attraction in my book. The issue is there aren't a whole lot of spooky caches out there. Don't get me wrong Three Little Cemeteries was fantastic! We now have the correct Coordinates and are planning on going to the next stage next weekend but after we find that one then what? Oh there's The Severed Story of Alastair Paine in Sommers and maybe one or two more but in my book there are not enough of these caches in south eastern Wisconsin. The Severed Story of Alastair Paine has an amazing story behind it, I am not sure if there is any factual basis for this story, and it seems as if the owner of the cache found a spooky location and used their amazing creative ability to create a cache for people like myself. Real or Fabricated it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the owner took the time to place this amazing cache. The same goes for the owner of Three Little Cemeteries.

It would be amazing to see a cache designation for spooky caches like traditional caches or earth caches. Realizing that there are a lack of scary or spooky caches in the area I intend to put my money where my mouth is and anti up! I am not the type to point something out and then sit idly by and hope that others do the leg work. For a year now I have been planning a haunted Wherigo tour but it never seems to compile right. Sitting here tonight I realized that something is better than nothing. For the next year I intend to a series of scary caches for thrill seekers in this area. I would love to see others do the same, after all I want to have some fun too!

If anyone knows of any night caches in south eastern Wisconsin please let me know! I would love to check them out.


In the mean time Happy Halloween Everyone!

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