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Won an geocoin but in is already in anothers name.

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How can I get the coin in my name to put with the rest of my treasured coins?


Did you win it at this event:


http://coord.info/GC60XF1 Hitting the Books Geocoin Trail Launch Day


Were you given the name of the person who donated the coin? They will need to adopt it over to you, if it was their intention to give it to someone else.


You need to contact the trackable owner.


I just read all of the subtitle: Won an geocoin but in is already in anothers name. I won a coin at Going Caching but it is owned by the green man.


Is "Going Caching" an event or a cache?


Haven't a clue what "the green man" refers to. Is that a username?



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Hello Pamela,

I have explained the reasoning behind activating my coins prior to distribution in the "May The Forest Be With You" thread. Congratulations on winning one. You are welcome to keep it or gift it to someone else, however I will not be adopting them over to anyone I have either gifted them to or obtains them in the manner you have. If you wish to get email notifications on the coin you received, you can add it to your watch list.

The bottom line is "I did not create them for profit". The only tool I have to thwart someone from profiting from my generosity is to activate them and maintain ownership(albeit only through the geocaching tracking feature)before I distribute them. You can thank previous geocachers that have profited from my generosity on my first coin for the measures I have taken in distributing this coin.



SNIP--- due to some that have profited from my kindness in the past and sold my gift to them, these coins will not be released without activating them first. all coins are activated under my profile. they have been activated in all 50 states, with a few duplicates. I note whom I have given or sent the coins to, or what cache I have left them in. while not all of them have been logged, their whereabouts is known by me. I will be aware of any coin that changes hands or sold without my approval through logs on the coins. I don't mind them changing hands, but I do mind someone making a profit off of my generosity. trade them or gift them if you'd like, but selling them is prohibited unless it is for a good cause with my prior approval.

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