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3+ hour layover at Denver airport

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I have a 3+ hour layover coming up on a flight to the east coast on 11/13, getting in 2:50pm and leaving 6:10pm and I see a zillion power-trail looking caches surrounding the airport. Is it a reasonable thing for me to hail a cab, score one to add CO to my states cached in, and get back through security and to the right Southwest Air gate to continue east ?


I did this a couple years ago in StLouis (the cabbie thought I was crazy) but it was $15 well spent for a quick 20 minute dash+cache+return.


Reasonable to plan for this one in Denver too ?

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as an added bonus, I believe that the Earthcache option is inside the secure zone, and thus would keep you from having to go through security again


but if you are determined to have a ride in a taxi . . .


I would advise against any of the power trail geocaches to the east of the airport

there are runways between the terminal and those geocaches

meaning that you would have to take a long way around in order to get to them


a better option would probably be some of the many hides to the southwest

there is a cluster of hotels/motels there

about six miles from the terminal

any cab driver would know how to get there


center on GC2CH3R to see if there are any that strike your fancy

there is even a bug motel nearby, but it is about 200 feet from parking



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