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Okay folks, go ahead and do your shameless self-promotion (for a good cause!) here.


Since Groundspeak has finally done some things with the Waymarking site, I renewed my Premium after a year of being Basic.


If anyone needs an officer in a group that manages categories that I'm interested in, I am available for helping out. (I called it self-promotion, but since being an officer adds more work to Waymarking, it is really being a bit selfless, if I may say so.)


I'm really interested in these categories:

  • Worldwide Cemeteries
  • Baptist Churches
  • Headstones of Centenarians
  • Firehouses
  • Outhouses
  • Any other category that I have a lot of Waymarks in; but the above are my favoritist favorites

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BTW, those of you who wanted to join as a regular member of the Worldwide Cemeteries group in the past, when it unfortunately was closed to enrollment, may not be aware that it is now open to enrollment for regular membership.


Also, since you can't edit old posts, you can ignore some of my original post in this thread. I am still interested in firehouses, though, at least. ;)

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You can be the leader in the Armchair Waymarking Category :lol:


Yes, and if you join the Drive-By Waymarking category I will make you a officer.


We need more members before peer review. :laughing:

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There are no Armchair Waymark Categories !!!


Yes, Armchair Peer Reviewers, Leaders and Officers are there too many.


There must be an easier way to demote inactive Leaders and Officers in some categories.



Officer Kurt Franke is doing a great job in the category Firehouses. ( I don't know him)

Not because he reviewed the most but only he replies on mails if there is a question or something else.

And I think he is the only real Firehouse Chief and if the leader logs in every day on Waymarking.

It looks like he is active but never in firehouses for a reply on mails or review.


If you set up a new category use only members or Officers you have close contact with.

That will give the best for your category.

I skype once a month with some Officers to talk about problems or questions about a category.

In most of my categories the contact is realy close to make it a success.

If the contacts are very good can inspire each other.


3 or 4 Officers who are close by makes a category to a success.

Not 14 in one category because every Officer makes his own ideas, and don't read his posting rules, while he his reviewing. There is no contact between the Leader and Officers.


We have made many people enthusiastic about Waymarking but after the big & long server crash mid 2015 most of theme are gone. But we keep contact them and some are posting again.


Like I said there are no Armchair Waymark Categories.

Make me an Officer in them, if there are, an I try to make it a success.



Grtz John.

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