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I can report that there are several active in the East Kootenay part of British Columbia.


Not that many ever talk to one another directly, but we do use it as a means of contact out there in the void where cell phones don't work well.


I believe it has been said before on here that the reason for the forum was that Hams were early adopters of GPS technology and were glad to have something else to do with them... Many of us were in SAR groups to boot and comm needs there were also tied in to GPS tech. Anyway, the forum came to be and survives... since it does not take up that much space and serves mostly to let people know who the others are... I can also state with fair assurance, that I see lots of people occasionally let slip that they are hams (or have been) in the course of reading the forums, while not having 'registered' into our base thread... which reminds me, I once years back attempted to count the number of discrete callsigns in there... probably a slightly bigger task than 7 years ago. Problem was to extract the text... then mine it... never did get a handle on that part.


Regardless, it is here and serves that function of recognition. Most of us are more interested in Geocaching than talking. Most of the threads here seem to have died to to the lack of interest by the OPs. FWIW.


Edit: For JanekGeo, If you look at the lower part of the Ham Radio page... 'Click here to show filter options' and open up the filter to SHOW ALL threads, you will get a better look at what has been on here.. quite a few threads, some which discuss your question.


Doug 7rxc (VE7RXC)

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