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bug - caches move when selected


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While generally speaking I'm fairly satisfied with the android intro app (well, ok, I used to be a wp owner), it is quite annoying that the caches relocate when selected. Also the caches are extremely small in the map.


My phone is a OnePlus 2 (5.5"), where I changed the display density from 480 to 360, which could create the issue. Yet, app should deal with this of course.


More details:

1. Caches are very small: About 1mm of size in the screen. So small, that green tradi's on satellite -forest- background are almost invisible. I've already missed several nearby-caches due to this.

2. Caches moving when selected: When I select a cache, the circle changes to a bigger circle with "an arrow" (you know what I mean). This arrow is pointing almost 1cm north in the app. Which of course can be e.g. 500m in real life. So, when caching, I need to have some other cache selected when trying to find one using the map. Sigh.


Screenshots available, but as I don't have any place to upload them (I'm so old), I can't attach them here.

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