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Problem with Wherigo on Iphone 4s and 5s

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after a pause with Wherigos I wanted to download a new Wherigo yesterday. No problem to reach the Homepage from Wherigo, but I couldn't make any choice. Every list box has a selected first line and I couldn't change it to another choice. And it doesn't matter if I use Iphone 4s or Iphone 5s.


I restarted both Iphones - no effect. Both of them have the newest IOS. How to solve this problem?




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With the little "detour" via Safari it was no problem downloading the cartridges, but does anyone know whether the problem of not being able to make any choices persists when playing the cartridges? It would be a major disappointment if you got stuck in the game because you can't give a correct answer when there are multiple choice questions asked...


Also, does anyone know if/when there will be an update to the app to resolve this bug?




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Well I only played one cartridge so far since the software update and Safari detour, but it worked perfectly, even when there were multiple choice answers that had to be chosen the way it didn't work while downloading. So, up until today, I'd say playing is still safe and unaffected.

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One thing I do is bring up Safari on the iPhone--outside the app--and go to the site. The app associates the file extension (or MIME type) with itself, so the iPhone will ask if I want to open the cartridge in the app. Why, yes, I do, and thanks for asking.

Many thanks for this. I have been trying to download Wherigos via Google for a long time - with no success - obviously! I will use Safari in future.

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