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Viva Colonia Geocoin

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In October 2005 I was brought to geocaching by a very good friend. Hence I was thinking of having an own personal coin.

In summer I started with ideas and with great help from 2 close friends I finally can show you a picture of one of my sample coins. I think in the first round there will be 4 Versions to buy and I will possibly later have one version for trade. For a second round there are more versions planned, but one step after the other.

As we will hold an event on october 30th here in cologne I hope that maybe the event version makes it on time. If not then it will come in november some time.

This event edition will be in Anti Bronze with transl. colors and epoxy.

The coin is 1.75 inch big and 0,12 inch thick.


Relating to my home town cologne, it shows the cathedral, the city emblem, cologne is famous for its carneval therefore the cap on the emblem and we do have a great soccer club which is featured by the goat. There are far more symbols, but those maybe will find a picture in my next coin.


I hope you like it and when I will have the coins in my hands and have reviewed them, I will let you know here.



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What a lovely coin! For sure a must have!

I especially like the colours of the rose window, is this one from the Dom as well, as the square coloured glass pattern?


But I also like the front with all those recogniseable symbols.

My daughter is born in Frechen, close to Cologne, as I lived for two years in the area...

So as I said, a must have!

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Quite some months now, since I first decided to do my own coin due to my 10th anniversary of Geocaching.

And due to my love to Cologne it must have been another release of a Cologne Coin.

In 2008 I started with a friend of mine the release of the Koelner Dom Geocoins and as this design came finally to an end of 12 editions it must have been a NEW DESIGN.


You see now the 5 new editions of the VIVA COLONIA Geocoin and the edition names are probably funny spelling for not Colognials LOL

But these names relate to a famous puppet theater of puppets on sticks and these are a few characters of the show.


The coins show the cathedral on the front and the famous love bridge with our city emblem plus our carneval hat, due to our long time carneval history. The little billy goat is the mascot of our cologne soccer team.

The back of the coin shows the cathedral window in translucent colors and glow in the dark colors in one version.




[*]Event Edition is in anti brass with epoxy

[*]Tuennes Edition in anti brass - a funny character of the puppet show

[*]Schael Edition in anti silver - a funny charachter of the pupet show

[*]Roeschen Edition is in black nickel with glow in the dark - the daughter of Schael and always dressed in dark

[*]DickePitter Edition is in blank anti copper and is my personal edition - named after the big huge bell in the cologne cathedral


If interested, feel free to contact me over my special e-Mail only for these coins: Contact me


The coin prices are 17 USD plus shipping 4 USD (4 coins) , 6 USD (5 coins)


Event Edition




Tuennes Edition




Schael Edition




Roeschen Edition




DickePitter Edition




I will be on an event on saturday and have to much to do till then, so I will respond eMails not before sunday-monday


Thank you and have all a great celebration day in remembering your Veterans on you Veterans DAY


Guido aka Longtomsilver

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